A business that was created to drive innovation and open opportunities commemorated its 20th Anniversary in style.

Frisco, Texas -
 WorldLink celebrated 20 years of operating on, May 17th, 2018. Since its 1998 inception, WorldLink has grown from 1 employee to 1,200. The technology services firm expanded by providing services to companies and assisting in the adoption of technology relating to Y2K, the emergence of the smartphone, mobile applications, cloud computing, blockchain, and Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence. WorldLink's service offerings span from workforce solutions such as direct hire and contingent workforce management, to data consulting on advanced analytics.

"Over the past 20 years, WorldLink has had a measurable impact on how the world uses technology," stated Adil Adi, WorldLink’s founder and Executive Chairman. "It has been a honor to innovate alongside some of the brightest and most loyal clients in the world. We continue to ask ourselves 'What's next?' and run 110% in that direction. With the arrival of AI/ML, blockchain, AR/VR, etc., I think we will see a technology convergence over the next 10 years that yields a greater shift than we have seen in the last 50. WorldLink's skill sets and investments put it in an excellent position to capitalize on these paradigm shifts and bring value to its clients."

WorldLink's recent investments include the continued growth of its Emerging Technology Consulting team and an office in South Korea.

"On the Talent side of WorldLink, our business is successful because we are driven to connect highly-skilled people with incredible career opportunities," shared CEO Barjis Ghadially. "The impact of what we do is the foundation of our mission statement and the candidate-client fit is the North Star that drives our decisions. Being able to incorporate and cross-pollenate innovations from our Data team to improve the well-being of our internal team and end clients has been a boon for exceeding client expectations."

"In our Emerging Technology Consulting practice, business partners engage WorldLink because of the data expertise of our team and the fact that the people with whom they interact are thought leaders in their field. The feedback has been beyond positive in all aspects from strategy to delivery. Across all the incredible use cases our team has provided our clients, WorldLink's success consistently ties back to the importance of building the business with good people."

WorldLink commemorated its anniversary by hosting a celebration at the Four Points by Sheraton – DFW Airport North on May 5th.

"Technology has become an exciting industry for two reasons," said Ghadially. "Firstly, because companies across every vertical are harnessing it to drive business results. Secondly, because it is an industry in which you have to constantly prove yourself, for fear of getting blindsided by an unknown. While many see that as a threat, it is an opportunity for our team, because that same connectedness and ability to scale allows us to adapt our ideas at a faster pace than many others. This is reflected in the way WorldLink team members approach what they do. Their successes over the last 20 years is the primary source of my pride."



WorldLink is a trusted Talent and Technology services firm that evolved alongside each wave of technology development and helped its business partners do the same – including the arrival of the smartphone, mobile applications, and big data analytics. Firms around the world use WorldLink as a strategic partner to adopt forward-looking technologies that drive business value. The company is based in Frisco, Texas and has employees in over 30 US states and Korea.

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BY Scott Roudebush, Director of Strategy at WorldLink US