DALLAS, TX; February 22nd, 2023 -- WorldLink, a leading global professional services firm focused on data strategy, 5G/Network technology, and digital transformation, is pleased to announce the expansion of services in Mexico. This will enable the company to strengthen its global presence and better serve its clients in North America and throughout Latin America.

The decision to expand into Mexico is part of WorldLink’s ongoing strategy to enhance its ability to deliver high-quality services and products to clients around the world. WorldLink MX will have a mission that focuses on inspiring its people and clients to creatively use data, integrate disruptive technologies and execute talent transformation. Using a 360-degree approach, WorldLink MX will guide its clients through the entire digital transformation journey utilizing talent, technology, and data to drive business growth.

"Our expansion into Mexico reflects our commitment to delivering the best possible services and support to our clients globally," said Barjis Ghadially, CEO of WorldLink. "We have seen strong demand for our digital transformation solutions in the US and in Mexico, and we are excited to bring the best talents together and to build a new community of WorldLinkers in Mexico."

WorldLink MX will provide a range of game-changing technology solutions and products to clients across multiple industries, including telecom, finance, healthcare and more. The team in Mexico will work closely with clients to identify their unique business needs and deliver tailored solutions that drive business success, including data management, analytics strategy, and data asset/product development.

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BY Anelcie Andry, Director of Marketing at WorldLink US