Each year, UT Dallas honors outstanding alumni and community leaders for their accomplishments and contributions at their annual UT Dallas Awards Gala. The award recognizes those whose personal and professional accomplishments have contributed to the University as well as their communities.

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DALLAS, TX. -- The University of Texas at Dallas College of Economics, Politics, and Policy Sciences (EPPS) graduate Barjis Ghadially was one of ten alumni selected to receive the 2022 Distinguished Alumni Award. Ghadially graduated with a bachelor's degree in political science and business in 1998.

Before his current role, Ghadially spent the beginning of his career working in sales as a top performer for a Texas technology certification company until moving on to join WorldLink US as a Chief Customer Officer in 2000, serving as one of the first WorldLink employees and supporting the company in its growth to a global IT Services provider, effectively earning the title of Chief Executive Officer in 2017. He has since been the spearhead of WorldLink's vision and direction while overseeing all operations and business activities.

Alongside leading an entire organization to success, Ghadially sits on the Board of Directors for Inspired Intellect, a sister company to WorldLink US and a fellow subsidiary of the Adi Group. His responsibilities include accelerating the success of Inspired Intellect’s client base by connecting them to valuable capabilities within the ADI Group. Ghadially also ensures the scalability of Inspired Intellect’s innovative service offerings for its global clients. 

He drives multiple programs related to promoting equality and providing opportunities for underrepresented talent. His passions lie in problem-solving for the high-speed, fast-paced technology environment and being able to seize the opportunity to put people to work by creating jobs in the U.S.

As CEO, he remains committed to ensuring that WorldLink provides innovation and unparalleled service to all stakeholders.

Ghadially accepted his award at the 2022 UT Dallas Awards Gala this past Saturday, February 12.

ABOUT WORLDLINK US -- WorldLink is a global technology firm that delivers three distinct areas of Solutions – Talent, Data & Analytics Consulting, and Managed Services. We provide unmatched subject matter expertise in our Talent, Cloud, and Data/Analytics practices. In addition, our focus on strategy and vision leads to strong relationships with our diverse client base. WorldLink fulfills the unique client vision instead of offering standard "out-of-the-box" solutions. We're building what's next. We want you to be a part of it.

For more information about Barjis Ghadially and WorldLink US, please visit: https://worldlink-us.com/

BY Rose Rana, Marketing Specialist at WorldLink US